Magic: The Gathering - The Unofficial RPG

Magic the Gathering: The Unofficial RPG (MTGURPG) is a homebrew fantasy adventure game based on the popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering (MTG) created by Richard Garfield in 1993. It aims at putting characteristic elements from the card game and its universe into a tabletop roleplaying game (RPG).


This work is still in progress, in beta phase. The corebook is subject to frequent updates. Thank you for reading and testing it. Don't hesitate to give me your impressions, feedbacks and ideas.

To contact me, you may find my informations in the Treachery forum (user: Stefouch).


MTGURPG is a a free work, you can copy, distribute, and modify it under the terms of the Free Art License.

Magic: The Gathering, MTG, and associated logos are TM & ©1993-2017 Wizards of the Coast LLC.


MTGURPG Corebook v0.906 beta
May 8th, 2017

Core rules for MTG RPG.
You have new rule ideas? Fixes to propose? A campaign scenario? Anything? Tell me! MTGURPG is still in development and would gain a lot from your feedbacks.
MTGURPG Character Sheet v1.0
May 8th, 2017

First draft for a character sheet.
Don't hesitate to give your feedbacks: Where do you need more place? Did I miss something? Is that section useless? Anything, tell me!



17-05-08, 0.906: Character Sheet available. Added plane Amonkhet.

17-04-16, 0.903: Qualities balancing, copy-paste disclaimer, character template sheet cleansed.

17-04-11, 0.901: First beta release.